Thursday, 20 November 2014

FastPass Solutions For IBM i Password Management

One of the most important issues that any IBM i (AS400) user faces is when they get locked out of their  devices because of forgotten and locked passwords. In such circumstances FastPass IBM As400 Password Reset tool s the best tool that can come to their rescue. The reset software can help users deal with this recurring problem in an easy and cost-effective manner.


One may ask, why FastPass? Of all the password manager software in the market, FastPass offers users functional richness and support. You will never have any compliance issues when you use FastPass  IBM As400 Password Reset tool . IT users who very often have to use different systems for their work will find that this software is easy to use and compatible across different systems. For users who might like to have the same password across systems to enhance productivity, this is a great way to synchronize important passwords and make access easy. 

The IBM password management tool from FastPass is also compatible with other password managers like Microsoft Self Service Password Reset and Windows Password Manager. This is a highly useful feature for those of you who wish to have the same password across IBM i and Windows/AD.

SAP Password Manager from FastPass Makes Password Synchronization Easy

Technology in today's world is a rapidly changing field. With new technology aids, the number of systems that an information worker needs to access increases as well. As a result, workers have to think of new passwords for the accounts they now have access to. This is certainly not easy! The alternative to having your employees scribble down important passwords on pieces of paper that can be easily misused, is to use a SAP Password Manager to standardize passwords across systems. 

Synchronized and Easy Passwords

Password management is not an easy chore at all. Given the high number of password hack-ins in the recent times it makes perfect sense for the company to use a trustworthy password manager like the FastPass SAP Password Self-Service tool. This software allows organizations to ensure better security in their work environment. Employee password changes now become a private issue, and chances of accidental user identification by the help desk officers are reduced. Web based solutions such as Oracle Self Service Password Reset and Oracle Password Management can also be synchronized with the FastPass software leading to enhanced transparency in the work process. Synchronization with FastPass software also allows easy SQL password reset whenever needed.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

FastPass Makes Password Resets Easy

Employees and customers today use a variety of business applications and services. The vast number of applications used makes it hard for an organization to create new accounts or remove old log in privileges in the nick of time. Enterprise admin also find it extremely hard to track compliance and see that employees are doing all that is required of them with regard to password management. As a result employees end up asking the help desk for assistance with activities related to the password reset process and manual account administration. While one may argue that the help desk in an organization is made to help out employees, no one can deny that frequent use of the help desk password reset tool also reduces office productivity and raises costs.

Password Management With FastPass

FastPass' managed service provider password self service provides cost effective password management, improves productivity, reduces support costs, and facilitates security and compliance. The company also has a range of network service password manager software that makes changing a network log in password or resetting a forgotten password an easy task. Businesses can also use the web self service software that allows customers and employees to perform routine tasks like password resets over the internet, without requiring any manual intervention.

Factors to Consider in Password Management

One of the vital tasks of the information technology department in any business or organization is password management. One of the effective ways that IT administrators can keep track on employee and customer credentials on different systems is with a cloud based password manager. An increasing number of IT departments are turning to cloud services, which offer a host of benefits when compared with in-house solutions. Several providers offer a range of solutions that include AD Password Reset Self Service to decrease the load on the IT help desk. Active Directory Password Synchronization tools all users to log into different applications using the same password as they use in an in-house environment.

Data Access and Security

There are several factors to consider prior to choosing a password manager cloud based. This includes compliance requirements where the IT department must have comprehensive knowledge of the organization’s compliance obligations. It is also essential to determine who has access to data, which includes individuals other than internal users. Another factor to consider is the measures in place in the event of a breach of security and how it will impact your data and access. The bottom line is to choose a provider that offers a wide range of security features than internal solutions.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Manage and Synchronize Your IBM i Passwords with FastPass

One of the major issues that IBM i (AS400) users have to face is the issue of forgotten and locked passwords. FastPass' IBM As400 Password Reset tool is a password management and synchronization tool that can help users deal with this problem that keeps cropping every now and then.

The password reset tool from FastPass offers functional richness and supports all different requirements needed for compliance and increasing productivity. Information users often have to use different systems for their work. And it's not possible to remember the different passwords for each system every time. Moreover, some users might like to have the same password across systems to enhance productivity. It also becomes easier to have a synchronized solution when you need to change a lost or forgotten password across various devices.

Rich Features, Rich Dividends

The IBM password management tool from FastPass offers you all these features and much more. It is compatible with other password managers like Microsoft Self Service Password Reset, and Windows Password Manager which is useful if you wish to have the same password across IBM i and Windows/AD. It is also technically very robust and works well with upgrades to IBM i and Windows server environment.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Waiting For The Helpdesk To Gain Access? Reset Your Own Passwords With Easy Solutions From FastPass

As the number of business applications and services accessed by employees and customers increases, it becomes extremely hard for organizations to create or remove login privileges and accounts on time. It is also highly challenging for an enterprise to adequately track for compliance, and activities related to the password reset process and manual account administration often make up a huge chunk of the helpdesk burden in a large enterprise. Not only this, frequent use of the help desk password reset tool also reduces office productivity and raises costs. 

Password Management Made Easy

FastPass has the perfect solution for companies dealing with this problem - a managed service provider password self service that provides cost effective password management, improves productivity, reduces support costs, and facilitates security and compliance. 

FastPass' solutions are custom designed to suit your every need. You can choose from our range of network service password manager software that makes changing a network login password or resetting a forgotten password an easy task. No more waiting for helpdesk to bail you out in crucial moments! Apart from this businesses can also choose the web self service software that allows customers and employees to perform routine tasks like password resets over the internet, without requiring any manual intervention.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Standardize Your Company's Passwords with a SAP Password Manager

The number of systems that an information worker needs to access increases every year. As a result, accounts and passwords associated with these systems also keep increasing and it is not easy for anyone to remember the secure passwords for half a dozen systems at the drop of a hat. The most cost-effective solution for this problem; which despite all the efforts spent on combating it still persists in a large way, is to use a SAP Password Manager to standardize passwords across systems.

Increasing Transparency At The Work Place

The FastPass SAP Password Self-Service allows organizations to implement better policies to ensure security in their work environment. Password changes become a private issue, and chances of accidental user identification by a member of the help desk are reduced. Web based solutions such as Oracle Self Service Password Reset and Oracle Password Management can also be synchronized with the FastPass software leading to enhanced transparency in the work process. 

SAP Password Self-Service can be an important tool in enterprises.  FastPass provides a number of such SAP based software solutions that deliver a strong, yet flexible approach with a vast range of connectors for systems and applications. Synchronization with FastPass software allows easy SQL password reset whenever needed. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Secure Password Management Made Easy With FastPass

In a world full of heartbleeds (pun intended!) you cannot rely on online merchants and supposedly 'secure' websites to keep your personal information safe anymore. Social sites like Facebook where your password is always exposed are at high risk of being hacked, and when that happens you can lose a tone of important personal data in an instant. Take Hollywood's recent nightmare where A level celebs are being targeted and their personal photos being leaked online. The lesson to be learnt is simple - when it comes to password security, one can never be too circumspect.

No More Heartaches

One of the ways to keep your password secure is to have different passwords for different sites. But unless you have a photographic memory that tactic can easily become messy. Instead, using a secure password management software from FastPass can help you keep your private stuff private. FastPass password managers use two-factor password authentication process and the password synchronization feature means you can change your password on Windows and the same will be upgraded across all SAP systems you use. FastPass self service password management solutions are technically very robust and a sure shot way of keeping all the heartaches resulting from a lost or forgotten password at bay, forever!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Need for Password Management Tool

Most of us are familiar with email notifications from our clients, business associates, service providers, bankers and others urging us to reset our passwords in order to ensure protection of data. It is a precautionary measure against any kind of external threats. It is common practice for many users to use the same password for multiple logins. Now, this can be quite risky for your business. However, using a password reset tool can make things easy since it can protect your systems from any kind of external threats. Reliable enterprise password management tools not only protect your systems but also enable employees to login without having to going to the IT helpdesk every time someone forgets his or her password.

How does it help?

Well, a reliable enterprise password manager can help in resolving various issues. By reducing the call volumes of IT Helpdesks, it saves time, money and resources for your company. Further, it eliminates the weaknesses of helpdesks by resolving password issues only after proper user authentication process. This makes it difficult for someone to pose as the user and request for a new password. The IBM i password reset tool is quite easy to install and enables users who have triggered an intruder lockout or forgotten their password to access the system and repair the problem without having to go through the IT helpdesk.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How Ad Self Service Password Reset Works

Installing reliable ad self service password reset tools will help your company employees to minimize and get rid of identity and login related issues on their own. This will not only cut down the calls to IT help desks for help but also ensures that your company saves on resources and time. Reliable password reset self service tools work by using multiple authentication processes to make sure that there are no weaknesses that one normally associates with helpdesks. In fact, help desks are routinely attacked by unscrupulous individuals, data thieves and hackers who call up the help desk and pose as a user who has lost his or her password and request for an alternate password to access their system. Using a password reset tool can help you avoid such situations and enhance business efficiency.

Understanding the Authentication Process

Self service password reset enables your employee or the user to authenticate his or her identity through multiple authentication processes. The employee or the user may have to answer some personal and critical security based questions. At times, the user may be asked to complete a CAPTCHA to authenticate his or her identity. Likewise, certain self password reset software may require you to enter the PIN number sent to your email id or mobile phone and authenticate your identity. Lastly, reset tools also involve the use of voice prints and biometrics to authenticate user identity where security is of utmost importance.

Monday, 25 August 2014

How Enterprise Password Management Can Help Your Company

The Internet, as they say, is a virtual Pandora's Box. You now have the entire world waiting to be discovered at the click of a button, but if you are not careful enough the tables can be turned on pretty easily. One of the ways in which you can ensure protection for your company and its employees is by using enterprise password management software that will make life much easier for you.

Most Online Threats Target Small Businesses 

It is widely known that more than 66% of the online hacker attacks target businesses and data thieves usually try to break in through systems with mishandled or compromised credentials. This is why enterprise password manager tools are so important nowadays. The recent attack by the "Heartbleed' bug targeted many small business like e-com sites, and online stores. Social networks and e-mail clients where the user's credentials are exposed for a long time also came under the attack. A robust password management tool like SQL password reset and SQL password recovery can work wonders in fending off such threats. SAP users can try the SAP password self-service for similar results. So, do not wait for another internet bug to give you nightmares. Use enterprise password managers like SQL password reset tool to ramp up your security features right away. 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Understanding Self-Service Password Tools

One of the routine jobs that a help desk technician has to perform is to help users log back in to their devices after they have forgotten their domain password. To reduce employee downtime, and to ensure maximum productivity, the issue of a forgotten password needs to be addressed within minutes. It is estimated that almost 40% of the help desk tickets that are cleared daily relate to password resets. On an average, each password reset request takes around 20 minutes to clear.

Increase Productivity with Fastpass Self-Service Tools

It is understandable then that installing a Self Service Ad Password Reset tool for your employees can help increase productivity and also free the help desk from unwanted tickets. Ad Password Self Service solutions can allow the end user to reset his own domain password in Windows active directory. This can be done using a remote web browser and the help desk need not be involved in the process. Thus, an Ad Self Service Password Reset tool helps employees focus on more pressing issues, and increases productivity by reducing downtime. So, use the Ad Password Reset Self Service tool now and help improve your employees' performance. FastPassCorp's Ad Password Reset Tool is a trusted tool for password management used around the globe. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

The Business Benefits of Password Reset Tools

There are many advantages that IT managers and organizations can derive from a password reset tool. It reduces costs, improves employee productivity and decreases the burden on help desks. One of the best ways to reduce help desk calls and related expenses is to use a password Resetter. These tools have the ability to reset passwords automatically and unlock accounts. They also eliminate the need to raise a ticket and attend to the problem, thereby improving productivity. In essence, Microsoft Reset Password is reduced to a single step solution rather than a multistage process. Reduced workload for the help desk directly lowers the costs of maintaining a work force.

Increase Productivity; Lower Costs

Another major benefit of a self service Password Reset Tool is that it is easy to deploy. In addition, any password changes are stored in an audit log database while alerts can be sent to the administrators. These tools also reduce the need for users to share sensitive password information with support staff and protects against possible misuse. With a reduction in help desk tickets, employees can be assigned to more productive tasks that add value to your organization. For employees, handling their own password request allows them to save time, and get back to work with minimal delay.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Why Every Organization Needs Password Manager Software

Online security mandates that users have a password for different services. However, storing and remembering them can be a daunting task. Using a network password manager is an ideal way to ensure that passwords created and used all across a network are secure and never compromised. With a password manager service is it easy to designate one password that covers all the systems. Thousands of passwords can be stored with the need to recall only the password for the service. While users have a choice of a web based password manager or desktop based manager, the former offers several advantages and is one of the most cost effective solutions.

The Benefits of Web Based Password Managers

Cloud based servers are better secured and less penetrable when compared with desktop computers. They allow for the integration of a reset tool such as Microsoft Self Service Password Reset or Windows Self Service Password Reset tools. The savings on costs are phenomenal since there is a significant reduction in the number of password related requests at IT help desks. The centralized system of managing passwords allows for the enforcement of security policies on a system wide basis. With the right password manager, it is easy to secure sensitive data, forming an impenetrable barrier against unauthorized users.

Monday, 30 June 2014

A Cloud-Based, Inexpensive Password Manager

Once upon a time, IT companies had to manage their own security and user authentication systems. No longer! Security expenditure zooming and impractical business requirements that are too expensive to implement are things of the past. There exist now cloud based password managers that provide PaaS (Password as a Service) functionality.

That means that the implementation of the security system is outsourced to an external agency that does the job and takes the responsibility for the business. The software has facilities that can do whatever that is necessary in the password management module. Recovery and reset functionality can be extended onto a registered mobile number or email address. This means that the users of these Windows-based systems are able to manage their user authentication themselves.

The company no longer worries about implementing enterprise-wide security measures. Costs incurred are minimal in comparison to standard approaches and conventional methods. In those cases, we do the software design from the ground up by augmenting existing user authentication tools. Now, an organization can be up and running in a matter of hours thanks to the facilities of cloud computing.

Oracle, SAP, Windows and IBM i are also supported by these security providers. All in all, a life-saver of a business optimization that has already been adopted by hundreds of organizations internationally and also been extended in the corporate world by partnerships with other leading firms.

Password Management and Recovery made Easy

Designing the security system for an IT firm can be challenging and expensive. It’s long, error-prone and difficult to verify and validate in a short time. Now, however, we no longer need to build an entirely new system. Password management software has been developed that, in a simple fashion, provides self-service employee and customer authentication. In a telling study, it was found that 85% of calls made to the IT help desk are about password reset and recovery.

By providing the software with the mobile numbers and email addresses of the users, the system empowers them with the ability to manage reset and recovery themselves. It’s actually a form of self-service. In the old procedure, the user had to call the helpdesk, ask for a reset, and have his access privileges granted from the server. In this new and innovative procedure, the user sends a text message to a gateway asking for an account reset. The gateway responds with a code that, combined with the email address, provides 2-step identity verification.

The user then inputs the code and is provided with a screen where he can reset the password. The time taken is 20 minutes for the first approach, and a stunning 2 minutes for the second. Combined with the cost and labour savings involved (60% of the old system’s), this security software is a option that all IT companies absolutely must explore in depth and detail.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Affordable and Effective Password Management Solutions

Ineffective password management can cost an organization dearly especially when high volumes of data need to be protected. In addition, millions of users that log into systems for personal or professional reasons often forget their passwords. This only increases the workload for help desk staff. However, installing reliable password management software can not only help reduce call volumes to help desks but also increase the level of protection of user accounts. In addition, effective self service password management can significantly reduce help desk related costs, which results in great savings both in money and time. For the benefit of different users, there are several types of password manager software.

Choose From a Range of Password Reset Solutions

One of the latest types of password reset software is web based password managers. These are web applications that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. There are also standalone password managers that come with additional features such as password generators. Another type of password managers are those that use embedded security hardware. The software features a chipset mounted on the hardware. You will find a range of tools for Ad Self Service Password Reset. Many of these are available at an affordable price. However, more than the price factor it is the level of security and increased level of customer satisfaction that password manager software offers which ought to be considered prior to selecting password management software.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Why Password Management Tools Are Essential

Username and password prompts are a crucial element of every web service and ecommerce business. With millions of users either logging in online for personal or professional reasons, they are bound to forget some of their passwords ever once in a while. Such incidences can keep help desks overworked with huge call volumes. However, those call volumes can drop with a reliable password management software. These tools reduce the burden on help desk staff and speed up access to resources for users who have issues with their passwords.  With helpdesk related costs ranging from $3 to $15 and more per request, there is no doubt that Ad Password Reset Tool offer great savings in terms of cost and time as well.

Features to Consider in a Self Service Reset Function

Password authentication and management tools have several other benefits as well. They help companies strengthen and enforce password policies. There are several features to consider prior when evaluating SaaS password manager and password authentication tools. It is important to consider the ability of reset passwords on all system which could be Active Directory individually or in combination with other systems. Most importantly, the solution must be able to synchronize passwords across multiple systems. The availability of self-service reset capability from the Windows sign-in interface or through a browser is also another essential feature. Other factors include an interactive voice-response interface and strong challenge-and-response mechanism that users must complete prior to gaining access to a self-service reset function.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Password Manager Cloud: Protecting Your Email Password

How much do you think you are in danger by using a rather simple email password or by ignoring the need for a password manager cloud? Chances are, you haven’t really considered the question until somebody asks because bad things happen to other people, right?

Weak Online Security

When we go out, we generally take security precautions like locking down our houses or not going in dangerous corners particularly at night. However, how much are we spending on password management software in order to protect our email and other social media accounts? That’s because humans have the amazing ability to not be scared about an abstract threat. And there’s nothing more abstract that digital theft.

What’s your favorite pet’s name? It’s a trap!

When you forget your password, you are required to undergo a series of security verification by answering questions only you supposedly know.  The hacker is able to backdoor your password through this inherently weak system. Without a mobile Windows password manager, you are opening yourself to a lot of online security risks. Using the password manager mobile, you can then bolster your security by resetting your security question in favor of a much harder one to answer.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How Password Reset Software Works?

The advancement in computer technology has simplified may aspects of day to day business environment. However, along with it come certain threats. Most users would be familiar with email notifications advising them to reset their passwords. Using reliable password reset service as a prevention tool so that individuals, companies, service providers and other business organizations are able to protect their data against all kinds of threat. These notifications should serve as a wakeup call to take a close look at your existing password management policies. It is important to have a proper strategy in place because many people prefer using the same password across various systems. Since, many users find it difficult to remember unique and random passwords, it is important to choose password reset software that can help you get rid of login issues.

How does it work?

A reliable ad self service password reset software includes a tough authentication process in which the user has to answer a set of personal as well as security questions. Based on this the software tool will send a mail notification to your email address which you have to authenticate by responding. In more secure environments you may also have to authenticate through various biometric processes. Today, companies use on demand software like the SaaS password manager to secure your passwords in a cloud environment so that you can access them as and when you want and that too from anywhere and from any device.

How Oracle Password Reset Tool Works?

Many Oracle users log into their systems with their mobile devices often. There are times when they face issues with forgotten or locked passwords. Sure, many companies have IT help desks to assist you but it can be quite expensive for them to ensure round the clock availability. One way of handling such situations is to invest Oracle password reset tools that are rich functionally and also able to support a variety of devices and applications so that you can access your password from anywhere and at anytime.

Choosing secure software that is easy to install since it will help you use the same password across Windows and Oracle based applications and systems. Make sure that you use oracle self service password tool that enables you to synchronize a Windows password change automatically since it is compatible to Windows as well as Oracle server environments.

How it Works

In situations where SQL systems are critical and hence need to be secure, opt for multiple passwords so that all your systems are safe from threats. A reliable SQL password reset tool will help in creating direct password resets for all those systems that need to be protected from external threats. SQL password reset allows you to devise a suitable environment in order to help you come up with different password strategies for different SQL systems.

Friday, 31 January 2014

What to look for in Password Management Software?

There are many password managers available for businesses both large and small. However, there are several factors to consider before you choose a password reset service. Their ability to passwords and added features such as mobile tools ought to influence your decision when looking these types of tools. Reliable password managers will help create, save and organize passwords in a secure environment, help take your passwords with you, and include a self service password reset. It is important to use a password manager that automatically creates accounts as you login to systems, which includes groups as well. Search for a tool with an auto-fill feature and templates that can be used for popular account types.

Security and Password Reset

Security is a major concern, which is the primary reason for the creation of passwords. Security is critical when it comes to password management software since you are able to store login information and account details all in one place. It is important to choose software that encrypts files using the highest level of encryption protocols, has the ability to generate complex passwords, features an ad password self service, and protects your data from phishing, hacking, and key-logging attempts. One of the biggest benefits is that the software can lock down when a computer is idle for a predetermined amount of time. The ad self service password reset feature is one of the most useful tools made available within the password manager.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Why Password Management Software Is Essential?

Utilizing password manager software is the best way to create passwords that are not easy to be compromised, secure them, and allow automatic login to accounts using those passwords. From online banking to social media and email, there are a number of accounts that are vulnerable to attacks unless they are secured. Online password management software can help avoid the risk of unauthorized personnel stealing login information and gaining access to your accounts that contain sensitive information.

How it Works

Password managers save login information and automatically login to different accounts. If the software is installed on a USB drive it can be used to login to accounts from other computers. Some software also feature versions that permit smartphone synchronization. Password managers allow users to create complex passwords that can be then used to log into accounts automatically without the need to remember them. The passwords are encrypted with a single master password being the only one that needs to be remembered. Some come with a self service password reset feature that allows users who forget their password to either reset or retrieve their password.

The Multiple Benefits

While password manager software offers obvious security benefits, they also help you organize account information and also feature mobile tools to secure passwords on the move. For the most part, they are timesavers, stress savers, and take a load off system administrators who do not need to worry about accounts being compromised. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Self-Service Strategy for Password Management

It is a fact that the most number of calls to IT help desks around the world are regarding password reset requests. While security of business critical data is of the greatest importance, it is also understandable that people forget passwords. However, the cost of hiring an IT desk to reset employee passwords is now a cost that can be greatly reduced. With the introduction of password management solutions, employees can reset their own passwords, and thereby reduce the need for an IT help desk. This self service strategy will work 24*7 throughout the year, and compared to other traditional solutions, this could potentially save a lot of expenditure. There effective solutions today that enable self service password reset for Oracle, SQL, SAP, iSeries, etc.

Multi-Systems Password Management

Enterprise solutions to password reset offer the capability to reset passwords across various systems and platforms. These solutions would work even for the most complex of organizations, and greatly help reduce the need to call an IT tech for the purposes of password reset. It is estimated that, with the use of such a password reset solution, an organization would be able to reduce calls to an IT desk for password resets, up to a staggering 80-95%. Your employees would never again have the need to contact the help desk for an SQL password reset. Cost of the solutions are quite less when compared to the cost of working with an IT help desk, especially during holidays.

Cloud Solutions

With the cloud revolution engrossing the world of software solutions, it would be no surprise that there are great cloud password reset solutions. This provides a highly cost-effective way of addressing password reset requests. It requires no investments or subscription fees; instead, you would be paying only for the passwords that are actually reset, on a per password basis. You would have an effective way to deal with Oracle password reset requirements, while you ensure that you would pay only for the service used. This could particularly work great for small organizations, where the number of password reset requests wouldn’t be as high as compared to some of the other bigger corporations.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What You Need To Know About Password Reset Solutions

One of the most common scenarios in companies across the world today is an employee calling up the IT help desk to reset their passwords for them. But as many organizations have discovered, this model working, can cost a lot. During the holidays, you would practically be spending a fortune to have access to an IT help desk, where an IT technician will reset the passwords for your employees. However, we do require the ability to reset passwords at any given time in the year. Failing to do so, would account for direct loss of work. Hence, a smarter way to work would be with the use of a good enterprise password manager. These software solutions enable a self service model where the employees can themselves reset their passwords.

Designed For Advanced Organizations

Enterprise password reset software solutions, are designed with the current day organizations in mind. There are great solutions that enable your employees to reset their passwords for a variety of platforms, and password reset requests for SAP, SQL, iSeries, Oracle, etc, can be handled with such solutions. Self service strategy is a growing trend in businesses across the globe, as organizations are starting to discover the great cost saving advantages of this strategy. Since password reset requests are some of the most common requests made to an IT help desk, it would be an effective to decision to introduce the self service model here.

Password Security

The very purpose of the invention of passwords is to protect critical data from being leaked or misused. Hence, it is a given that security is of the utmost concern. A password manager for Windows incorporates all the requirements that would make a password reset, a safe one. Implementing a 2-factor authentication with the help of PIN sent via an SMS to the employee is one of the safest ways to bring about self serviced password resets. Challenge question are also a great way to maintain authenticity in these transactions. The password reset solutions available today include such security features, and hence would be worth considering.