Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Self-Service Strategy for Password Management

It is a fact that the most number of calls to IT help desks around the world are regarding password reset requests. While security of business critical data is of the greatest importance, it is also understandable that people forget passwords. However, the cost of hiring an IT desk to reset employee passwords is now a cost that can be greatly reduced. With the introduction of password management solutions, employees can reset their own passwords, and thereby reduce the need for an IT help desk. This self service strategy will work 24*7 throughout the year, and compared to other traditional solutions, this could potentially save a lot of expenditure. There effective solutions today that enable self service password reset for Oracle, SQL, SAP, iSeries, etc.

Multi-Systems Password Management

Enterprise solutions to password reset offer the capability to reset passwords across various systems and platforms. These solutions would work even for the most complex of organizations, and greatly help reduce the need to call an IT tech for the purposes of password reset. It is estimated that, with the use of such a password reset solution, an organization would be able to reduce calls to an IT desk for password resets, up to a staggering 80-95%. Your employees would never again have the need to contact the help desk for an SQL password reset. Cost of the solutions are quite less when compared to the cost of working with an IT help desk, especially during holidays.

Cloud Solutions

With the cloud revolution engrossing the world of software solutions, it would be no surprise that there are great cloud password reset solutions. This provides a highly cost-effective way of addressing password reset requests. It requires no investments or subscription fees; instead, you would be paying only for the passwords that are actually reset, on a per password basis. You would have an effective way to deal with Oracle password reset requirements, while you ensure that you would pay only for the service used. This could particularly work great for small organizations, where the number of password reset requests wouldn’t be as high as compared to some of the other bigger corporations.

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