Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What You Need To Know About Password Reset Solutions

One of the most common scenarios in companies across the world today is an employee calling up the IT help desk to reset their passwords for them. But as many organizations have discovered, this model working, can cost a lot. During the holidays, you would practically be spending a fortune to have access to an IT help desk, where an IT technician will reset the passwords for your employees. However, we do require the ability to reset passwords at any given time in the year. Failing to do so, would account for direct loss of work. Hence, a smarter way to work would be with the use of a good enterprise password manager. These software solutions enable a self service model where the employees can themselves reset their passwords.

Designed For Advanced Organizations

Enterprise password reset software solutions, are designed with the current day organizations in mind. There are great solutions that enable your employees to reset their passwords for a variety of platforms, and password reset requests for SAP, SQL, iSeries, Oracle, etc, can be handled with such solutions. Self service strategy is a growing trend in businesses across the globe, as organizations are starting to discover the great cost saving advantages of this strategy. Since password reset requests are some of the most common requests made to an IT help desk, it would be an effective to decision to introduce the self service model here.

Password Security

The very purpose of the invention of passwords is to protect critical data from being leaked or misused. Hence, it is a given that security is of the utmost concern. A password manager for Windows incorporates all the requirements that would make a password reset, a safe one. Implementing a 2-factor authentication with the help of PIN sent via an SMS to the employee is one of the safest ways to bring about self serviced password resets. Challenge question are also a great way to maintain authenticity in these transactions. The password reset solutions available today include such security features, and hence would be worth considering.

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