Friday, 28 March 2014

Password Manager Cloud: Protecting Your Email Password

How much do you think you are in danger by using a rather simple email password or by ignoring the need for a password manager cloud? Chances are, you haven’t really considered the question until somebody asks because bad things happen to other people, right?

Weak Online Security

When we go out, we generally take security precautions like locking down our houses or not going in dangerous corners particularly at night. However, how much are we spending on password management software in order to protect our email and other social media accounts? That’s because humans have the amazing ability to not be scared about an abstract threat. And there’s nothing more abstract that digital theft.

What’s your favorite pet’s name? It’s a trap!

When you forget your password, you are required to undergo a series of security verification by answering questions only you supposedly know.  The hacker is able to backdoor your password through this inherently weak system. Without a mobile Windows password manager, you are opening yourself to a lot of online security risks. Using the password manager mobile, you can then bolster your security by resetting your security question in favor of a much harder one to answer.

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