Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Why Password Management Tools Are Essential

Username and password prompts are a crucial element of every web service and ecommerce business. With millions of users either logging in online for personal or professional reasons, they are bound to forget some of their passwords ever once in a while. Such incidences can keep help desks overworked with huge call volumes. However, those call volumes can drop with a reliable password management software. These tools reduce the burden on help desk staff and speed up access to resources for users who have issues with their passwords.  With helpdesk related costs ranging from $3 to $15 and more per request, there is no doubt that Ad Password Reset Tool offer great savings in terms of cost and time as well.

Features to Consider in a Self Service Reset Function

Password authentication and management tools have several other benefits as well. They help companies strengthen and enforce password policies. There are several features to consider prior when evaluating SaaS password manager and password authentication tools. It is important to consider the ability of reset passwords on all system which could be Active Directory individually or in combination with other systems. Most importantly, the solution must be able to synchronize passwords across multiple systems. The availability of self-service reset capability from the Windows sign-in interface or through a browser is also another essential feature. Other factors include an interactive voice-response interface and strong challenge-and-response mechanism that users must complete prior to gaining access to a self-service reset function.