Monday, 28 July 2014

The Business Benefits of Password Reset Tools

There are many advantages that IT managers and organizations can derive from a password reset tool. It reduces costs, improves employee productivity and decreases the burden on help desks. One of the best ways to reduce help desk calls and related expenses is to use a password Resetter. These tools have the ability to reset passwords automatically and unlock accounts. They also eliminate the need to raise a ticket and attend to the problem, thereby improving productivity. In essence, Microsoft Reset Password is reduced to a single step solution rather than a multistage process. Reduced workload for the help desk directly lowers the costs of maintaining a work force.

Increase Productivity; Lower Costs

Another major benefit of a self service Password Reset Tool is that it is easy to deploy. In addition, any password changes are stored in an audit log database while alerts can be sent to the administrators. These tools also reduce the need for users to share sensitive password information with support staff and protects against possible misuse. With a reduction in help desk tickets, employees can be assigned to more productive tasks that add value to your organization. For employees, handling their own password request allows them to save time, and get back to work with minimal delay.

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