Thursday, 24 July 2014

Why Every Organization Needs Password Manager Software

Online security mandates that users have a password for different services. However, storing and remembering them can be a daunting task. Using a network password manager is an ideal way to ensure that passwords created and used all across a network are secure and never compromised. With a password manager service is it easy to designate one password that covers all the systems. Thousands of passwords can be stored with the need to recall only the password for the service. While users have a choice of a web based password manager or desktop based manager, the former offers several advantages and is one of the most cost effective solutions.

The Benefits of Web Based Password Managers

Cloud based servers are better secured and less penetrable when compared with desktop computers. They allow for the integration of a reset tool such as Microsoft Self Service Password Reset or Windows Self Service Password Reset tools. The savings on costs are phenomenal since there is a significant reduction in the number of password related requests at IT help desks. The centralized system of managing passwords allows for the enforcement of security policies on a system wide basis. With the right password manager, it is easy to secure sensitive data, forming an impenetrable barrier against unauthorized users.

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