Friday, 22 August 2014

Understanding Self-Service Password Tools

One of the routine jobs that a help desk technician has to perform is to help users log back in to their devices after they have forgotten their domain password. To reduce employee downtime, and to ensure maximum productivity, the issue of a forgotten password needs to be addressed within minutes. It is estimated that almost 40% of the help desk tickets that are cleared daily relate to password resets. On an average, each password reset request takes around 20 minutes to clear.

Increase Productivity with Fastpass Self-Service Tools

It is understandable then that installing a Self Service Ad Password Reset tool for your employees can help increase productivity and also free the help desk from unwanted tickets. Ad Password Self Service solutions can allow the end user to reset his own domain password in Windows active directory. This can be done using a remote web browser and the help desk need not be involved in the process. Thus, an Ad Self Service Password Reset tool helps employees focus on more pressing issues, and increases productivity by reducing downtime. So, use the Ad Password Reset Self Service tool now and help improve your employees' performance. FastPassCorp's Ad Password Reset Tool is a trusted tool for password management used around the globe. 

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