Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How Ad Self Service Password Reset Works

Installing reliable ad self service password reset tools will help your company employees to minimize and get rid of identity and login related issues on their own. This will not only cut down the calls to IT help desks for help but also ensures that your company saves on resources and time. Reliable password reset self service tools work by using multiple authentication processes to make sure that there are no weaknesses that one normally associates with helpdesks. In fact, help desks are routinely attacked by unscrupulous individuals, data thieves and hackers who call up the help desk and pose as a user who has lost his or her password and request for an alternate password to access their system. Using a password reset tool can help you avoid such situations and enhance business efficiency.

Understanding the Authentication Process

Self service password reset enables your employee or the user to authenticate his or her identity through multiple authentication processes. The employee or the user may have to answer some personal and critical security based questions. At times, the user may be asked to complete a CAPTCHA to authenticate his or her identity. Likewise, certain self password reset software may require you to enter the PIN number sent to your email id or mobile phone and authenticate your identity. Lastly, reset tools also involve the use of voice prints and biometrics to authenticate user identity where security is of utmost importance.

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