Monday, 20 October 2014

Secure Password Management Made Easy With FastPass

In a world full of heartbleeds (pun intended!) you cannot rely on online merchants and supposedly 'secure' websites to keep your personal information safe anymore. Social sites like Facebook where your password is always exposed are at high risk of being hacked, and when that happens you can lose a tone of important personal data in an instant. Take Hollywood's recent nightmare where A level celebs are being targeted and their personal photos being leaked online. The lesson to be learnt is simple - when it comes to password security, one can never be too circumspect.

No More Heartaches

One of the ways to keep your password secure is to have different passwords for different sites. But unless you have a photographic memory that tactic can easily become messy. Instead, using a secure password management software from FastPass can help you keep your private stuff private. FastPass password managers use two-factor password authentication process and the password synchronization feature means you can change your password on Windows and the same will be upgraded across all SAP systems you use. FastPass self service password management solutions are technically very robust and a sure shot way of keeping all the heartaches resulting from a lost or forgotten password at bay, forever!

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