Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Factors to Consider in Password Management

One of the vital tasks of the information technology department in any business or organization is password management. One of the effective ways that IT administrators can keep track on employee and customer credentials on different systems is with a cloud based password manager. An increasing number of IT departments are turning to cloud services, which offer a host of benefits when compared with in-house solutions. Several providers offer a range of solutions that include AD Password Reset Self Service to decrease the load on the IT help desk. Active Directory Password Synchronization tools all users to log into different applications using the same password as they use in an in-house environment.

Data Access and Security

There are several factors to consider prior to choosing a password manager cloud based. This includes compliance requirements where the IT department must have comprehensive knowledge of the organization’s compliance obligations. It is also essential to determine who has access to data, which includes individuals other than internal users. Another factor to consider is the measures in place in the event of a breach of security and how it will impact your data and access. The bottom line is to choose a provider that offers a wide range of security features than internal solutions.

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