Wednesday, 19 November 2014

FastPass Makes Password Resets Easy

Employees and customers today use a variety of business applications and services. The vast number of applications used makes it hard for an organization to create new accounts or remove old log in privileges in the nick of time. Enterprise admin also find it extremely hard to track compliance and see that employees are doing all that is required of them with regard to password management. As a result employees end up asking the help desk for assistance with activities related to the password reset process and manual account administration. While one may argue that the help desk in an organization is made to help out employees, no one can deny that frequent use of the help desk password reset tool also reduces office productivity and raises costs.

Password Management With FastPass

FastPass' managed service provider password self service provides cost effective password management, improves productivity, reduces support costs, and facilitates security and compliance. The company also has a range of network service password manager software that makes changing a network log in password or resetting a forgotten password an easy task. Businesses can also use the web self service software that allows customers and employees to perform routine tasks like password resets over the internet, without requiring any manual intervention.

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