Thursday, 20 November 2014

FastPass Solutions For IBM i Password Management

One of the most important issues that any IBM i (AS400) user faces is when they get locked out of their  devices because of forgotten and locked passwords. In such circumstances FastPass IBM As400 Password Reset tool s the best tool that can come to their rescue. The reset software can help users deal with this recurring problem in an easy and cost-effective manner.


One may ask, why FastPass? Of all the password manager software in the market, FastPass offers users functional richness and support. You will never have any compliance issues when you use FastPass  IBM As400 Password Reset tool . IT users who very often have to use different systems for their work will find that this software is easy to use and compatible across different systems. For users who might like to have the same password across systems to enhance productivity, this is a great way to synchronize important passwords and make access easy. 

The IBM password management tool from FastPass is also compatible with other password managers like Microsoft Self Service Password Reset and Windows Password Manager. This is a highly useful feature for those of you who wish to have the same password across IBM i and Windows/AD.


  1. When we do security survey for companies, we get asked a lot how to manage passwords. I tell them to use a password manager because they have tools built in them already to help keep all worker from being vulnerability spots in the system

  2. I use PasswordWrench. I switch my important passwords every 30-60 days, and make them tall, but I can never remember them and ended up using variations of the same password over and over, which is not safe. This way they favor me create my own personal system for managing my passwords.