Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Manage and Synchronize Your IBM i Passwords with FastPass

One of the major issues that IBM i (AS400) users have to face is the issue of forgotten and locked passwords. FastPass' IBM As400 Password Reset tool is a password management and synchronization tool that can help users deal with this problem that keeps cropping every now and then.

The password reset tool from FastPass offers functional richness and supports all different requirements needed for compliance and increasing productivity. Information users often have to use different systems for their work. And it's not possible to remember the different passwords for each system every time. Moreover, some users might like to have the same password across systems to enhance productivity. It also becomes easier to have a synchronized solution when you need to change a lost or forgotten password across various devices.

Rich Features, Rich Dividends

The IBM password management tool from FastPass offers you all these features and much more. It is compatible with other password managers like Microsoft Self Service Password Reset, and Windows Password Manager which is useful if you wish to have the same password across IBM i and Windows/AD. It is also technically very robust and works well with upgrades to IBM i and Windows server environment.

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