Thursday, 20 November 2014

SAP Password Manager from FastPass Makes Password Synchronization Easy

Technology in today's world is a rapidly changing field. With new technology aids, the number of systems that an information worker needs to access increases as well. As a result, workers have to think of new passwords for the accounts they now have access to. This is certainly not easy! The alternative to having your employees scribble down important passwords on pieces of paper that can be easily misused, is to use a SAP Password Manager to standardize passwords across systems. 

Synchronized and Easy Passwords

Password management is not an easy chore at all. Given the high number of password hack-ins in the recent times it makes perfect sense for the company to use a trustworthy password manager like the FastPass SAP Password Self-Service tool. This software allows organizations to ensure better security in their work environment. Employee password changes now become a private issue, and chances of accidental user identification by the help desk officers are reduced. Web based solutions such as Oracle Self Service Password Reset and Oracle Password Management can also be synchronized with the FastPass software leading to enhanced transparency in the work process. Synchronization with FastPass software also allows easy SQL password reset whenever needed.

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