Friday, 31 January 2014

What to look for in Password Management Software?

There are many password managers available for businesses both large and small. However, there are several factors to consider before you choose a password reset service. Their ability to passwords and added features such as mobile tools ought to influence your decision when looking these types of tools. Reliable password managers will help create, save and organize passwords in a secure environment, help take your passwords with you, and include a self service password reset. It is important to use a password manager that automatically creates accounts as you login to systems, which includes groups as well. Search for a tool with an auto-fill feature and templates that can be used for popular account types.

Security and Password Reset

Security is a major concern, which is the primary reason for the creation of passwords. Security is critical when it comes to password management software since you are able to store login information and account details all in one place. It is important to choose software that encrypts files using the highest level of encryption protocols, has the ability to generate complex passwords, features an ad password self service, and protects your data from phishing, hacking, and key-logging attempts. One of the biggest benefits is that the software can lock down when a computer is idle for a predetermined amount of time. The ad self service password reset feature is one of the most useful tools made available within the password manager.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Why Password Management Software Is Essential?

Utilizing password manager software is the best way to create passwords that are not easy to be compromised, secure them, and allow automatic login to accounts using those passwords. From online banking to social media and email, there are a number of accounts that are vulnerable to attacks unless they are secured. Online password management software can help avoid the risk of unauthorized personnel stealing login information and gaining access to your accounts that contain sensitive information.

How it Works

Password managers save login information and automatically login to different accounts. If the software is installed on a USB drive it can be used to login to accounts from other computers. Some software also feature versions that permit smartphone synchronization. Password managers allow users to create complex passwords that can be then used to log into accounts automatically without the need to remember them. The passwords are encrypted with a single master password being the only one that needs to be remembered. Some come with a self service password reset feature that allows users who forget their password to either reset or retrieve their password.

The Multiple Benefits

While password manager software offers obvious security benefits, they also help you organize account information and also feature mobile tools to secure passwords on the move. For the most part, they are timesavers, stress savers, and take a load off system administrators who do not need to worry about accounts being compromised. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Self-Service Strategy for Password Management

It is a fact that the most number of calls to IT help desks around the world are regarding password reset requests. While security of business critical data is of the greatest importance, it is also understandable that people forget passwords. However, the cost of hiring an IT desk to reset employee passwords is now a cost that can be greatly reduced. With the introduction of password management solutions, employees can reset their own passwords, and thereby reduce the need for an IT help desk. This self service strategy will work 24*7 throughout the year, and compared to other traditional solutions, this could potentially save a lot of expenditure. There effective solutions today that enable self service password reset for Oracle, SQL, SAP, iSeries, etc.

Multi-Systems Password Management

Enterprise solutions to password reset offer the capability to reset passwords across various systems and platforms. These solutions would work even for the most complex of organizations, and greatly help reduce the need to call an IT tech for the purposes of password reset. It is estimated that, with the use of such a password reset solution, an organization would be able to reduce calls to an IT desk for password resets, up to a staggering 80-95%. Your employees would never again have the need to contact the help desk for an SQL password reset. Cost of the solutions are quite less when compared to the cost of working with an IT help desk, especially during holidays.

Cloud Solutions

With the cloud revolution engrossing the world of software solutions, it would be no surprise that there are great cloud password reset solutions. This provides a highly cost-effective way of addressing password reset requests. It requires no investments or subscription fees; instead, you would be paying only for the passwords that are actually reset, on a per password basis. You would have an effective way to deal with Oracle password reset requirements, while you ensure that you would pay only for the service used. This could particularly work great for small organizations, where the number of password reset requests wouldn’t be as high as compared to some of the other bigger corporations.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What You Need To Know About Password Reset Solutions

One of the most common scenarios in companies across the world today is an employee calling up the IT help desk to reset their passwords for them. But as many organizations have discovered, this model working, can cost a lot. During the holidays, you would practically be spending a fortune to have access to an IT help desk, where an IT technician will reset the passwords for your employees. However, we do require the ability to reset passwords at any given time in the year. Failing to do so, would account for direct loss of work. Hence, a smarter way to work would be with the use of a good enterprise password manager. These software solutions enable a self service model where the employees can themselves reset their passwords.

Designed For Advanced Organizations

Enterprise password reset software solutions, are designed with the current day organizations in mind. There are great solutions that enable your employees to reset their passwords for a variety of platforms, and password reset requests for SAP, SQL, iSeries, Oracle, etc, can be handled with such solutions. Self service strategy is a growing trend in businesses across the globe, as organizations are starting to discover the great cost saving advantages of this strategy. Since password reset requests are some of the most common requests made to an IT help desk, it would be an effective to decision to introduce the self service model here.

Password Security

The very purpose of the invention of passwords is to protect critical data from being leaked or misused. Hence, it is a given that security is of the utmost concern. A password manager for Windows incorporates all the requirements that would make a password reset, a safe one. Implementing a 2-factor authentication with the help of PIN sent via an SMS to the employee is one of the safest ways to bring about self serviced password resets. Challenge question are also a great way to maintain authenticity in these transactions. The password reset solutions available today include such security features, and hence would be worth considering.